Monday, October 30, 2006

A wedding ceremony

Since I was requested to write the proceeding of a wedding, I thought I should just blog it so many people can benefit.

The ceremony was held on 7 pm at a place where traffic jam is almost non-existent. On other consideration, almost no public transportation reached this place.

Since it was dark, I can't estimated the size of the building where the wedding is held. One thing for sure, there were plenty of parking lots.

There were 2 wedding receptions at the same time, each share half of the main hall inside a building. The reception I attended occupied space around 50 metres x 40 metres (Disclaimer: I am very likely to be waaay off since I suck at estimating distance), but I believed the decoration and lighting makes the room look smaller than it was. The ambience is quite cozy.

I think I was late for around 15 minutes. But as expected, many people were late too. Even the groom and bride were late for around 30 minutes. Although the entrance of both groom and bride into a wedding hall in Indonesia, is usually made to be grandiose, this one was somewhat uneventful. I think lack of music and formal announcement welcoming the couple were the cause.

The groom was grinning as usual, with his trademarked grin. He still looked like the last time I saw him around 4-5 years ago. Maybe a bit chubbier... I think. The bride... I didn't personally know the bride. She seemed like an outgoing person. She seemed to be the active one in talking to his groom. They seemed tired but happt.

The ceremony was standard. There was one highlight when the MC teased them by asking how they met, what made them love each other, have their parents ever caught them kissing, etc. They took the teasing pretty well, and with a reasonable grace if I may add.

The audiences didn't really care about the party, as expected from your typical Indonesian wedding reception. Oh yeah, it was a standing ceremony. The food was quite good but the placement of empty plates really sucks. They put them near a wall on a table such that people must queue to get them, before quequeing again for the food. The wedding organizer need to take a course in Operational Management 101..

What else to report... a bestfriend of mine stepped on the bride's gown, unintentionally. Noone seemed to realized it, except me :-).

That's all I guess unless someone wants to know a specific thing..

NB. Anyway, due to a certain event a certain someone owed me a certain favor. I am waiting... :-)

*Update on grammar, spelling, structure, etc. Update on the favor: maybe one day I'll ask another favor*

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