Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Self-esteem: lying to others or lying to yourself

Despite of my posts such as this and this, there is one very important advantage in boosting self-esteem, regardless of whether the self-esteem is well-grounded by any evidences. The advantage is: You will look confidence, and confidence attract people.

Although, this phenomenon can be explained from an evolutionary perspective, I won't bother to talk about it for now.

What matter is that you can create confidence out of nothing. You don't have to be pretty, or have potention muscle, or have potential body shape, or smart, to be confident. Everybody can be confident.

I'm not saying that confidence is a bad characteristic to be attracted to. What I'm saying is that in the matter of confidence, the playing field is somewhat equal. And that's my friend, is a boon for us if we sucks at everything in our life.

Now, if you can boost your self-esteem regardless whether you deserve such a high opinion of your self, then you will automatically be confident and it will show in your actions. Chicks and guys will dig you, probably thinking that you're some hotshot. And in this approach, the only person you lie to is your ownself, that is by believing that you are more than you actually are.

Compared the above approach to the next approach. You can be honest to your self, realizing that you're just a normal decent guy/gal, but you pretend to be a confidence and very important powerful guy/gal. It will works. Chicks and guys will dig you, but you have just lie to other people.

In My Humble Opinion, lying to yourself is easier than lying to other people. Therefore a person with an unjustifiable self-esteem, will be easier to attract people compared to a person who is honest to him/herself.

So, we can conclude that self-esteem might deserve such a high rating.

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