Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Knowing your ownself is better than boosting self-esteem

A person having a high self-esteem without evidences supporting his/her competence, is a fragile person (as discussed here).

Even if evidences exist, a high self-esteem can still be fragile due to changes in what considered important. Case in point is being good at sport. If you're still in high school, the fact that you can dunk can really boost your self-esteem. But once you enter the working world, your godlike sport skill does not really matter anymore.

Therefore a high self-esteem must not become a purpose by itself. Knowing your ownself must be the purpose. What you must achieve in life is an understanding of your ownself, or "knowing your own self".

Self-esteem and knowing your own self is related but different. A good progress in knowing your own self does not necessarily lead to higher self-esteem. An honest assessment of your own self might reveal that you suck at certain things thus might lower you self-esteem.

"Knowing your own self" is still not free from pitfall. I will post the series of "Knowing your own self is overrated" :-)

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