Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Undeserved bragging right of physical prowess

There maybe sometime in your life where a jock type guy brag to you about his physical prowess. He might say that he can do 200 push-ups, 500 sit-ups, or 800 squat-jumps.

I hate to break the news but such "achievement" is not yet something to ga-ga (oooh, aaaah) over. The difficulty of those exercise depends on the time used to finish them. 200 push-ups in half hour is easier than 50 push-ups in 1 minute.

..well, it's actually not that simple. You might say that the bottle neck of 60 push-ups in 1 minute is the performance of anerobic metabolism, which is the metabolism able to generate large amount of energy in little time.

For more push-ups with longer time such as 1000 push-ups in 30 minutes, what matter is the performance of both anerobic metabolism and aerobic metabolism, where the aerobic metabolism will burn waste of anerobic metabolism. If anerobic metabolism cannot keep up with the cleaning anerobic metabolism's waste, it will be the limit.

For, let say 5000 push-ups within 4 hours, you the bottleneck is in the endurace of the muscle fibre. You don't want to do that. Muscle injury takes time to heal.

I had wanted to play badminton professionally, so I know a bit of this stuff. :-)

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