Friday, November 17, 2006

Safest way to donate to "Yayasan Jantung Indonesia"

Friday is slow work day for business in certain field in Indonesia..

I have been visited twice by a representative of Yayasan Jantung Indonesia, a supposedly non-profit organization that promote healthy life to fight heart disease.

I refused to contribute to their cause twice simply because they asked me to fill in my credit card number on a form. Based on my families bad experience in claiming unauthorized charges, I don't think I will ever write my credit card number on a form without guarantee who have access to that form. They didn't even willing to send receipt copy of the problematic transaction, without us promising to pay regardless of condition of receipt.. I digress..

I did ask the "sales" person for alternative way to contribute, but they said there is no other way. I, being a sceptical creature, do not believe him. I googled for Yayasan Jantung Indonesia and found their contact number. I called the number up and, as expected, they have a bank account that can receive contribution.

No, I'm not going to post the account number because:
1. I might be a con artist tricking you to transfer money to my account.
2. Maybe I got the number wrong, probably because I was tricked.

If you're like me, that is you don't want to give out credit card information, you should directly call their contact number to ask for their account number yourself.

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