Sunday, November 19, 2006

"My mother loves to get married repeatedly"

I just finished watching an episode titled "Ibuku Tukang Kawin" (meaning "My mother is a person who loves to get married repeatedly") of the series "Pintu Hidayah" (meaning "Door of guidance"). Today episode is very interesting.

This series is what I call an Islamic series. The typical story begin by showing how sinful the antagonist is. We will see him/her doing extremely cruel things, sometimes so cruel as if (s)he does it simply because (s)he is evil. At least one pious person will try to make him/her repent with no result. Only after (s)he suffered many bad events because of his/her sin, or after (s)he saw how pious other people despite of everything that happen to them, (s)he will repent. At the end of the story, a person will give a short Islamic preach on the relevant sin.

I find the choice of title a bit.. brave. Some audiences might randomly think of a title "Bapakku Tukang Kawin" (meaning "My father is a person who loves to get married repeatedly") instead of "Ibuku Tukang Kawin". That new title is dangerously close to the concept of a father getting married to multiple wives, which is allowed by Islamic law. In addition, the preaching on this episode said that "only 1 out 1000 step-father will love his step-children so do not remarried just for the sake of children". It will be awkward if the preacher have to say "only 1 out of 1000 step-mother will love her step-children" given how prevalent such situation is..

One little twist in audiences mind could make them demonize the idea of marrying multiple females..

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