Saturday, November 11, 2006

I accidentally separated a stray cat from it's mother

A couple of days ago, a small young cat entered my work place. Since my work place is disorganized and very dirty, noone really think that the cat should be removed. In addition, since I set an example of not bothering the cat, my subordinates did not really dare to do anything to this cat.

Thus it can freely roam at all over the place, meowing pitifully with its weak sounds. It seemed to be looking for it's mother, which was another reason I let it stay.

After a couple of days, the cat start becoming a nuisance with it's constant meowing. I hinted to my subordinates that the cat should be removed. They started aggresively hunt the cat, but alas, the cat is already familiar to this area thus can always escape.

Yesterday evening, while closing the place I work at, a cat pass in front of me while meowing. It seems to be looking for something. Such behavior is unusual for cats living around this place. I put two and two together, and speculate that this new cat must be it's mother. Too bad the young cat is locked inside..

Today, we are finally able to capture the cat and kick it out of the street.

I am wondering, if I should have kicked it outside from the beginning so that it can meet his mother. Now, it might never meet it's mother anymore..

Anyway, I will post a photo of this young cat later, this terminal does not have the necessary equipment..

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