Saturday, April 19, 2008

My employees are holding a strike, yay!

Today almost 80% of my employees are holding a strike. The cause was pretty simple, one old employee who had a pretty bad track record was.. verbally disciplined. For whatever reason, he couldn't accept that reprimand so he told his work friends. Now, some of those friends were talented provocators (really. they were pretty good..) . I had awared of them since years ago but they behave well enough so... They coordinate a strike bringing almost 80% of them.

The detail is rather sketchy since I wasn't present when the incidence happen. I'll update later. But one thing for sure, I now have a reasonable basis to fire those provocators. Yay! But now I must deal with some future consequences... *sigh*


Unknown said...

strikes are fun!!

so you've a free holiday for a while then?

Amitz Sekali said...

I wish.. :-(

I needed to ask favors here and there to make business keep running. It was a looong week.

I can almost feel the effect to my mood until today. I really need to change industry. *sigh*