Saturday, April 07, 2007

Experience using Telkomsel 3G/GPRS (kick ass dude!)

1. Per today (April 7th, 2007), speed of 42KByte/sec (using 3G) is still achievable. This is awesome, especially for me who is used to CBN XL 7 KByte/sec speed.

2. After I'm connected, web access is redirected to Telkomsel homepage. There I can click on package I want to choose.

3. The billing is based on time spent connected to internet, after choosing the package above.

4. At anytime in the session, I can see the time I had spent online or time left on the selected package. After each session, I received SMS stating the time I had spent.

Update: 9 April 2007.
Disconnect incidents are too many, about once every 15 to 30 minutes.

Update 24 April 2008. Cbn XL unlimited 3G has been reduced to laggy 3KBytes/sec.

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